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My services are for all moms. From those who've experienced difficulty during or after pregnancy, birth complications or birth trauma, to moms who may be struggling with the daily tasks of parenting, chronic pain, self care, managing the home, or work.


Individual sessions, which are personalized to your needs, focus on topics including self-care planning, counseling, decision making, parenting concerns, communicating with your doctor, and communicating with your partner. Treatment plans are client-centered and may include both a physical and mental health focus. I do not diagnose illness or disease but rather serve as a support for your health and prevention of further illness.


Together we will develop a plan of action to help you feel empowered and supported in your motherhood journey.

Home Visits

Services take place in your home to ensure ease, carryover and authenticity. Plans are tailored to your specific environment.

Mental Health

Screening for mental health needs. Education, awareness, and preventative planning. Facilitated social support groups.

Postpartum Plan

Treatment plans to promote recovery from birth, increase community support, adjustment to family roles and expectations, and engaging in activities that bring you joy​.

Child Development

Child development education, integrating the mom-baby dyad to promote attachment, and establishing healthy sleep and feeding routines.

Physical Rehabilitation

Ergonomic recommendations to reduce discomfort and avoid injury including nursery set-up modifications, pre- and/or post-natal exercise programs, and to promote pelvic health.

Connection and Community

Help you find and connect with experts such as nutritionists, lactation consultants, medical providers, and integrative health professionals.

Individual Sessions​

  • 90-minute in-home or virtual evaluation

  • 60-minute in-home or virtual treatment session​

Mother's Support Circle (Group Support)

  • Support groups are held each month in a safe and nurturing space on the North Shore of Long Island, NY.


New Mother's Support Circle (Group Support)

  • Discuss positive coping skills, build community, and connect with other moms.

  • Contact for details

Moms of Toddlers Support Circle (Group Support)

  • Discuss positive coping skills, figure out the hard stuff through actionable strategies, and build community.

  • Contact for details


Infertility and Loss Support Circle (Group Support)

  • Not running at this time

All services provided are fee-for-service.  I accept cash, check, Zelle, or Venmo. I do not currently accept insurance. A bill can be provided for each session for possible reimbursement from your insurance carrier, depending on your plan. Also check with your insurance company to see if services can be reimbursed through your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

* Don't let cost be the thing that stops you from getting the care you need, contact me for options. 

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